Sustainable Practices

sustainability/sustainable-practicesWe have implemented many initiatives that allow us to minimise the impact of our operation on the environment. These include:

Waste Management

  • Recycling stations are situated throughout the venue for glass, plastic, paper and aluminium.
  • Bio-degradable cups are available at water stations.
  • Organic waste from the kitchen is collected by a local pig farmer.
  • Paper & cardboard recycling stations are situated in administration offices, staff rooms and at conference registration desk.
  • 100% recycled products are used for toilet & paper hand towels.
  • Double side printing used when appropriate.
  • When possible, re-usable containers are used from suppliers.
  • Kitchen cooking oil is refreshed and old oil recycled locally.
  • Filter coffee and sugar bowls are used to reduce individually wrapped condiments.
  • We use biodegradable rubbish bags.
  • We use rechargeable batteries when possible.
  • Fluorescent light tubes, energy efficient light bulbs and battery waste are separated for collection.

Pollution Prevention

  • Micro cloths are used for cleaning.
  • Any chemical products used for cleaning are carefully measured and highly diluted.
  • Foaming soap dispensers are provided in all bathrooms to control quantity used.
  • We use Kemsol Green, Care4 and Jflex dilution control technology cleaning products that meet Environmental Choice standards.
  • Floors are steam cleaned.
  • We use Deb green certified foaming hand soap.
  • Air fresheners in bathrooms are atomised.

Energy Efficiency

  • We have a ‘Switch-off Policy’ in place for all lights, air-conditioning, heating and other electronic devices for all staff to adhere to when conference rooms are not in use.
  • Light sensors are installed in all bathrooms, storage areas and outdoor security lighting.
  • Natural light is utilised in upper level conference rooms during cleaning and set-up.
  • Thermal lined drapes are featured in the upper level conference rooms.
  • A cold water high pressure rinse tap operates in the kitchen to reduce hot water use.
  • We continually monitor our energy use and work towards reducing energy costs on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Our hot water cylinders are wrapped.

Water Efficiency & Quality

  • All toilets are run on a dual flush system and urinals are timing activated.
  • Self closing taps installed in all bathrooms and cleaning cupboards.

Market Place

  • We regularly survey our customers and evaluate satisfaction levels.

Supply Chain

  • Local produce and wines are incorporated in menus.
  • We encourage our local suppliers to reduce the use of or recycle packaging.

Policies and Procedures

  • We have a simple ‘Environmental and Sustainable Business Policy’ on display to ensure it is easily read and understood by customers and staff.
  • All staff sign a copy of the Policy during induction.

Workplace Practices

  • Staff are very conscious of our current sustainable practices and are committed to ensuring the success of our business operation.
  • A staff representative forms part of the Tourism Services Department "Green Team" and attends quarterly meetings.
  • A section on sustainability is incorporated in the WMC staff induction process.
  • Staff are actively encouraged to log ideas on the team notice board.
  • Sustainable ideas are discussed and recorded at monthly staff meetings.

Community Involvement

  • All staff have an agreed objective as part of their annual performance appraisal in respect to donating time to a charity or a community organisation.
  • We are able to assist charity and community organisations with discounted venue rental when their event directly benefits the citizens of Napier.
  • We regularly have students from the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) to visit our facilities and when appropriate we assist both EIT and local High Schools with workplace experience.
  • Staff donated food to the Napier Community food bank during its 2011 and 2012 Annual Christmas Appeal.
  • Staff participated in the Living Legends tree planting.
  • Newspaper is separated and collected for the SPCA.

Achievements since 2011

  • 2 boxes collected of fluorescent light tubes and bulbs total of 80kg.
  • Batteries collected in total of 29kgs.
  • Cardboard bins enptied bi-monthly or when full.
  • Glass bottles, plastic bottles and Aluminium bins are checked and emptied weekly or when full.
  • Newspaper separated and collected for SPCA since 2012 in total 168kgs or 24 shopping bags.
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